SHOTS FIRED: Samsung Just Tweeted A Brutal Jab At Apple’s Bendy iPhone 6 Plus

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Apple’s super-sized iPhone 6 Plus is having a hard time surviving skinny jeans. The company promised to replace any faulty models, but you knew “Bendghazi” couldn’t possibly end there. It was only a matter of time before Samsung tried to deliver a snarky knockout blow as their bitter rival wobbled.

This morning, they finally chimed in with a brilliantly concise tweet that doubled as a promotion for their GALAXY Note Edge, a “limited edition concept” with a curved edge that gives way to a slick side display. It burns. It burns so good:

Along the same lines, this mockup ad (not yet endorsed by Samsung) for the GALAXY Note 3 is pretty brilliant (via @GhostwritahMusic):


(H/T Kyle Lippert, @GhostwritahMusic)

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Big Brother’s Sam Pepper sparks controversy as fans respond to bum pinching video

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I am disgusted by this. Any thoughts?

Originally posted on Metro:

Former Big Brother contestant-turned-YouTuber, Sam Pepper, has struck a bum note with fans after posting his latest video on online.

Pepper, 25, frequently films himself doing various pranks and has built-up a following of over 2million subscribers on YouTube.

His latest, entitled Fake Hand A** Pinch Prank, sees him approaching random girls on a street to ask for directions to a shop, pinching their bottoms and then blaming it on whoever else walks past.


Former Big Brother contestant has certainly hit a nerve with latest stunt (Picture: Promo picture)

How does he get away with it? He is wearing a hoodie with his sleeve tucked into his pocket, leaving his arm beneath the jumper free to go in for the kill.

Ranking top of the trending topics on Twitter, his latest stunt has got the internet talking, but is it for the right reasons?

Some have called for Pepper to be reported for sexual…

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Freebie Friday Featuring Smiley 360.

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Hey lovelies and beauties. As you know, I am a member of the  Smiley360 community and I got in another mission. Check out this mission for yourself here.

What’s Smiley 360?

Its an online community that gives the members the opportunity to try some of today’s most popular brands, as well as discover new brands. Members can qualify for Smiley “missions” where they receive a free product or experience to try. Missions are designed to match your lifestyle and interests, so you’ll receive experiences best suited for you.

This latest mission was for  Seventh Generation™ Natural Hand Wash

My Smiley kit contained:

• One 15 oz. Natural Hand Wash in Mandarin Orange & Grapefruit scent


A little info about this product:

Did you know all Seventh Generation™ Hand Wash formulas are free of triclosan, dyes and synthetic fragrances? The lively scent of Mandarin Orange & Grapefruit is sure to refresh and awaken your senses. It’s like a touch of sunshine on your countertop!

For more product information, click here

Be sure to Like Seventh Generation™ on Facebook

Take home your own Hand Wash and other favorite Seventh Generation™ products with this 20% off promo code: SMILEY20 exclusively at

My review:

I love the smell- its  nice citrusy and fruity . It isn’t strong and doesn’t linger very long.  It isn’t heavy or gooey, and easy to rinse off. It just FEELS clean! Would recommend it for bathroom or kitchen use.  Only downside for me was that it doesn’t lather as well as the other hand soaps I have used in the past but I wouldn’t hold that fact against it since it does a great job after all.

What do you think of my Smiley 360 box?

Let me know by leaving a comment.

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Freebie Friday Feat. BzzAgent!

BzzAgentLOGO (hi-res)

Disclaimer : I received these products free from BzzAgent.

Hey friends, Friday is back and so am I with some more freebies. This time its another kit from BzzAgent. See what I got in the kit before that here.

A little info about BzzAgent:

BzzAgent is a social marketing company. They send out free products to people who join their website aka BzzAgents and ask them to share their opinions about the products with friends and family via reviews, Facebook posts, photos and videos, blog posts and more. Learn more about them here.

What’s in my BzzKit?

  • A FREE 24-count box of Excedrin® Extra Strength
  • $2-off coupons to share with other headache sufferers
  • A brochure explaining the benefits of Excedrin® Extra Strength

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This is great campaign for me to be a part of because I suffer from bad headaches on a regular basis unfortunately.

The great things about this medicine are:

  • Relief starts in just 15 minutes,for some. ( the effects kicked in about 20 mins for me)
  • The triple ingredient formula containsacetaminophen and aspirin for enhanced pain relief and caffeine (an ingredient often found in prescription headache treatments) to aid relief
  • It’s available over the counter in pharmacies, retail and grocery stores nationwide
  • Prices range from $3.34 – $15.99, depending on count and where you buy

All in all a great campaign to be a part of.

What do you think about my BzzKit?

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So, this past month I got to baby sit a tiny baby about 2 months old and I realized (even though I already had an idea) that the parenting thing is very hard esp when they are that young.  So for now my baby fever has cooled down a bit.

I have a newfound respect for my parents now.  It is really stressful 24×7 job so I thought I provide some stress relief to all the parents on the interwebs.



PS: I don’t advocate child abuse. :)

Stay lovely and beautiful! <3 <3


Confessions of a makeup addict!


Hey guys, as many of you know I am a self proclaimed makeup addict . But have you ever wondered what it is like being a makeup addict?

Today I wanna give you a sneak peak into the glittery, colorful mind of a makeup addict : me.

So, here goes:

1. I am hoarder when it comes to makeup. I have boxes of makeup that I have never used , yet I keep buying more.


2. I only use the same 6 products daily.


3. I always linger at makeup aisle whenever I go shopping.


4. The gift that is the best in my book is , you guessed it, more makeup.

images (1)

5. I pine for some products that are outside my budget. But however badly I want them they still stay outside my budget.


6. I always justify buying more makeup.


7. I die a little inside if a favorite product is totally used up or if my makeup is damaged.



8. Last but not the least , I love my addiction because it makes me me.



What are you addicted to?

Let me know by leaving a comment.

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Eating healthy is hard! Help needed.


Hey friends, as if life wasn’t hard enough, I upped the difficulty level by depriving myself of all the comfort food!

Yeah you heard me right.

That means all the chocolates donated, all the sugary treats thrown away, chips are the things of the past.. It hurts  me to even write this but yeah no more ice cream.



Yeah I can’t believe this is happening!

This all started when I finally decided to face my demons, hopped on that dreaded weighing scale and then the damned numbers popped up and my morale went down.

What happened to all the exercising I was doing?? All down the drain….




Now all I have to eat is rabbit food literally. I eat the bags of salad(if you can call that) from Aldi and carrots.

But nothing tastes good.

I cant make a good salad. I need a nice salad recipe which doesn’t include using ranch and can be done under 10 mins.

So, all the good people of the interwebs I am reaching out to you.  Please spill out your health secrets and how you eat healthy.

In the meantime, I’ll munch on some more carrots.



Let me know by leaving a comment.

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