Cielo’s summer give-away: Unofficial Start Announcement!!


Hey my dears..I hope every one is enjoying the weekend.I would like to thank all you guys for following my blog.Every one of you is special and every like and every new subscriber makes my day.So, I want to connect with everyone some more.  I love writing posts on my blog,its the best part of my day, but I want to share a lot of other stuff with you guys which is not possible by only doing it in posts.So, I have decided that I will  take advantage of other social media.I have a lot of options for everyone.

Facebook , Twitter ,Instagram , Google+, Tumblr, YouTube.

Take your pick or pick them all!

I keep sharing a lot of cool stuff like freebies , household tips, arts and crafts, makeup-tips and lots of other fun stuff!

I have also decided that once I get a 100 subscribers on my blog and my 100 likes on my Facebook page, I am going to do a summer giveaway(I promise it will be amazing!). The giveaway will be revealed after 50 likes,I am almost there.

So spread the word, and lets share joy and all beautiful things.

Love you guys! XOXO


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